Other work


Heart man - Poster for a kickstarter campaign

Zomb it is a game where the player performs certains actions on the zombie based on what they are being told to do within a certain timeframe. The rules are similar to Bop it but the play is different. The aim is to achieve the highest score and the game goes on forever. This project was done in collaboration with Federico and Eunice.

Languages/Technologies: Laser cutting, Arduino, variety of sensors, processing, Adobe CS

Role: Idea / Programming (arduino + processing app)

Zomb it As showcased at the NYU ITP Winter show 2013.

Zomb it!

I along with [Hellyn](http://www.hellyn.com) created a sound piece with the intention of telling a story through audio and letting the listeners interpret it themselves. As the title suggests the story is about a person entering different rooms and having a different experience each time. Listen to it below :

Role: Idea / Recording / Sound editing

Doors soundpiece