Wireless tag

Title: Wireless tag

Place: University of Surrey, UK

Languages/Technologies: C/C++ with compilers from microchip using usb bluetooth stack, microcontroller circuit

Role: Idea / Programming / Documentation (Group project)

We developed a wireless tag that helps to identify and locate any object using your laptop/smartphone. The tag itself is a small device that can be attached to any object like a keychain or kept in a wallet. It can then be triggered using a smartphone via bluetooth. This helps in idenitifying lost objects or for tracking down stolen items. This was a group project done along with my coursemates at university.

For the hardware we used a pic microcontroller that was connected to a usb bluetooth dongle which communicated the messages to the laptop/smartphone. The application was written in C/C++ made use of the usb stack on the microcontroller and a client app also written in C++ was written to run on the laptop/smartphone.